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Forum: Internet cafe 29 January 2008, 13:45
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Geplaatst door anoniem29421
Lightbulb Internet General

any body can give me details about what is DID(direct internationl dialling )number and hw it wrks what we need to start this,and also info about ports transfor or coding.

looking for response.
Forum: Windows Vista/Windows 7 29 January 2008, 13:44
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Geplaatst door anoniem29421
Question Vista - I'm in. :)

As of this weekend, I'm running Windows Vista RC1 on my home PC.
Anybody else tried Vista yet?
Forum: Games 29 January 2008, 13:38
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Geplaatst door anoniem29421
Lightbulb Diablo 2 compatibility issues!

I just cant catch a break, okay so I installed Diablo 2 on my pc, and everything is fine until I start the game, the ground goes black with patches of it visible and then the game freezes when I...
Weergegeven resultaten: 1 tot 3 van 3


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